IELTS Academic: Sprint Course – the direct way to your English certificate

IELTS Academic: Sprint Course – the direct way to your English certificate

6-week IELTS Academic online preparation course with live expert tutoring. Earning a language certificate goes beyond short-term benefits—it's an investment in your future. Your IELTS Academic certificate can open the door to exciting academic opportunities and help you acquire invaluable life skills.

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6 weeks IELTS exam preparation online course with live expert tutoring | Swiss Exams

IELTS Academic 360 Sprint Course: Get exam together with prep course

Purchase the Swiss Exams Academy 360-degree solution to obtain a language qualification in the shortest amount of time. Get the IELTS Academic course along with the IELTS Academic exam and save money!

IELTS Academic – preparation course | Swiss Exams

Enjoy a 10% discount with this bundle offer for CHF 1.095.

Save CHF 63 on the preparation course and CHF 63 on the IELTS Academic.

Just for you: IELTS Academic Sprint Course for Swiss Students

IELTS Academic Sprint Course has been developed and tested for students and young professionals at Swiss middle and higher education institutions, including vocational and commercial middle schools, gymnasiums, HTC, UAS, and universities.

The cost, timing, content, structure, and delivery have been carefully designed to fit a student's budget and daily academic life.

IELTS Academic – preparation course | Swiss Exams

How will we prepare you for IELTS Academic exam?

Our online preparation course, built by IELTS experts, fast-tracks you through every test section, preparing you to target scores. This is what you get:

  • Know where you stand: Kick-off with a placement test to scale your English level
  • 6-week intensive: Power through IELTS essentials with live online classes that cover reading, writing, listening, speaking, as well as key grammar and vocabulary
  • Customed feedback: Receive detailed feedback to upgrade your skills
  • Real-feel speaking practice: Sharpen your speaking skills with a practice exam and professional feedback
  • Expert-led classes: Each class delivers an hour of focused teaching from an IELTS pro, plus an extra hour for exercises and Q&A
  • Exclusive study materials: Get exclusive access to "IELTS Trainer 2 Academic", your go-to study material

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Top benefits of IELTS Academic preparation course

Swiss Exams Academy - Developed and taught by exams experts

Developed and taught by exams experts

Swiss Exams Academy - Taught in small groups

Interactive & Taught in small groups

Best value for money I Swiss Exams Academy

Best value for money

Practise on authentic prep materials I Swiss Exams Academy

Practice on authentic materials

Online preparation I Swiss Exams Academy

Completely online with all sessions recorded

Access to teacher feedback outside lesson time I Swiss Exams Academy

Access to teacher feedback outside lesson time

Goals of the IELTS Academic Sprint course: Discover what you will learn

Elevate your IELTS game – by the end of the course you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the IELTS exam format
  • Master test-taking tactics for every exam section
  • Feel more confident about taking the exam
  • Boost your English proficiency by mastering key vocabulary and grammar

Student taking Swiss Exams Academy - online preparation course

Reading & Writing objectives

  • Improve skimming and scanning skills
  • Master the art of rephrasing complex texts
  • Develop critical thinking skills to evaluate credibility, validity and implications of arguments
  • Learn to match your writing's tone and style to any task

Speaking & Listening objectives

  • Master the art of smooth and clear idea expression
  • Respond with confidence to any topic in real-time chats
  • Sharpen your pronunciation and intonation for a flawless accent
  • Decode everyday conversations and academic dialogues like a pro
  • Become an expert at note-taking to capture crucial points
Student taking Swiss Exams Academy, preparing for langauge exam

Meet Swiss Exams Academy expert

Choreanne Frei - Meet Swiss Exams Academy expert

Choreanne Frei

A teacher, trainer, and presenter with 25 years' experience. She is passionate about advancing teacher development, excelling in Business English and ESP, fostering learner autonomy, enhancing language skills, mentoring, and embracing the digital revolution.

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