IELTS Swiss Exams Academy

IELTS Swiss Exams Academy

Given the demanding curriculum in secondary schools, commercial schools, gymnasiums, and higher education institutions, preparing for the IELTS English exam can be challenging. Regular English classes may not thoroughly address the key topics essential for successfully passing this IELTS English exam, often leaving candidates and their teachers pressed for time. Our IELTS online preparation course bridges this gap, providing targeted and specialized preparation designed to help succeed in IELTS exams with ease.

Digital IELTS exam preparation

6-week online IELTS preparation course, delivered by IELTS exam experts in a small-group setting.

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Swiss Exams Academy pilot project boasts an impressive 89% success rate

Our success story began when a gymnasium/high school sought us for additional support for their students who were struggling to progress on their way to obtaining a Cambridge English certificate.

We drafted a pilot Cambridge English exam support program, the Swiss Exams Academy, for this school in 2016. It was designed to help their English students preparing for exam levels their school was unable to offer.

Thanks to our Swiss Exams Academy program, almost 90% of candidates passed their Cambridge exam at the appropriate level. These outstanding results unequivocally demonstrated Swiss Exams Academy's ability to have a tangible impact, assisting students and teachers in saving time and energy while enhancing exam success.

IELTS Swiss Exams Academy supports schools and empowers students on their exam journey

The IELTS Swiss Exams Academy is an online preparation program for the successful completion of the IELTS English exam at various levels. The course supports IELTS test takers in their further development of the English language alongside school or work. The preparation is personalized and targeted to ensure effective readiness for the corresponding IELTS exam.

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IELTS exam preparation programme to boost success

Your advantages with IELTS Swiss Exams Academy:

  • Tailor-Made Curriculum: Customized online preparation course designed specifically for English language students at their appropriate proficiency level.
  • Online Platform: Accessible entirely online, offering interactive sessions for flexible learning, all lessons recorded.
  • Convenience and Efficiency: Eliminates the need for travel, saving valuable time and providing practical learning opportunities from the comfort of home.
  • Expert Guidance: Course led by IELTS experts, ensuring targeted and effective preparation strategies.

Who is IELTS Swiss Exams Academy for

IELTS Swiss Exams Academy was designed for students attending a public or private secondary school (Sek I and II) or tertiary institutions in Switzerland to complement their studies. It is particularly well-suited for students who:

  • find themselves at a different English language proficiency level compared to their exam preparation class at school,
  • require additional IELTS exam preparation in addition to their classes at school,
  • independently wish to obtain a IELTS language certificate but have no access to exam preparation classes at their school.
Why choose IELTS Swiss Exams Academy - benefits
Why elevate your learning journey with IELTS Swiss Exams Academy

IELTS Swiss Exams Academy program

The online classes are led by IELTS English exam experts and prepare students for the IELTS English exams. An oral exam is conducted as part of the course so, that participants are then ready to pass the exam. What you get with the IELTS Swiss Exams Academy program:

  • Placement test: Linguaskill incl. result (must be taken before the first lesson)
  • 6 weeks of online lectures, interactive training and exercises on the IELTS test sections like reading, writing, listening, speaking, incl. grammar and vocabulary
  • Homework with constructive feedback and performance evaluation
  • Mock oral exam with feedback
  • Each course day consists of a one-hour lesson led by a IELTS exam expert, followed by an additional hour dedicated to exam-specific tasks, along with a Q&A session.
  • Learning material: IELTS Trainer 2 Academic

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